MTV Wishes Punk a Happy Birthday
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This is totally random but MTV are celebrating Punk's birthday on their website

Before anybody asks...
At Summerslam, it was revealed that Punk got some new tats. And on his chest, they are dragons. I asked his friend on Twitter, Natalie. From Bake and Destroy, and she told me.

As for his ones above his Pepsi logo slightly on his back, I have no clue. Zoom in for those.

Punk // casual
Hey Punk fans who still lurk around here...

A friend pointed this out to me so I figured we can revisit our favorite topic: WHAT IS PUNKS NEW TATTOO!?

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See his knuckles? Notice the little heart on his pinky? Who is gonna help me figure out what it says? Who knows already?!

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This one is just for shits and giggles... I live his food tattoos.. I see pizza and a stick roasting a marshmallow! haha

Share your face Punk tattoo pics!

Smackdown Results
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CM Punk and a Jonas brother.. obviously!


Jerk of the Month [Mag Scan]
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At a forum I'm a mod at we're starting an interview section & Colt Cabana, Rain, Becky Bayless & SJK have all agreed to let us interview them. If any of you guys are interested in asking them questions please join and submit them. The link is  


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{P&R} I love you and I Like you

- Yes, I made a picspam of my favorite eyebrows.
- If posting this is not alowed, my bad.

Punk's thoughts on Twitter
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Possible new SES member.
One idea currently being discussed by the WWE creative team is to have Joey Mercury return on the SmackDown brand as part of CM Punk's Straight-Edge Society. Mercury was released in 2007 and it is well documented that he had a pain killer addiction, so the angle would likely be played off from this.


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