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Hey Guys!
skullcity wrote in xxxcmpunkxxx
I was formally known as heater4urthighs  and I have regained interest in livejournal so I'll be trying to keep this more updated. If you guys could help that would be wonderful.


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How's the message board going?


rather annoying at the moment. this girl on there makes me want to rip my hair out! lol

mind if i add you on here?

LOLOL! Is she new, or someone older? There was a new one on there recently that just made my skin crawl to the point that I could not log back on. Eventually I'll suck it up and come back.

Sure! I was going to add you before, but didn't want to be a creeper, LoL. I don't post all that much anymore except to say ass-hole things and complain. The background to my journal is pretty cool though. :-P

Was her name Suxx? She drives me nuts!

You could of, I wouldn't of thought you were a creeper lol. I just seen your background it is rather rad. :P

YES, HER! The first time she posted, I was like "FFFFFFFFUUUUUU THIS ONE'S GOING TO MAKE ME RAKE MY EYES OUT!" She says some ridiculously stupid shit, and is awful at typing. I am sure she is awful at life, too.


She is so annoying. She goes on like she knows what she is talking about yet she ends up looking like an idiot and if you say anything to her she goes off at you. It's like, go stick your head in an oven, moron.

Ahahahahahaha. I used to make a curt reply to her, and just ignore anything she said after that. Now, I just don't even bother.

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