Pictures from Rumble from Slam Sports.

Guess who apparently bailed out Jericho and Helms?
Here are a few more notes regarding the Chris Jericho/Gregory Helms arrest story that isn't in the item already on the front page. Several sources are saying that Helms never hit the woman in the taxi, Ashley Storer. Helms left the taxi and ran off when the driver stopped at the gas station. Matt Hardy was chasing Helms and trying to get him to come back. The only other note is that Phillip Brooks and Jason Reso (C.M. Punk and Christian) were said to be the two who posted bond to get Jericho and Helms released about an hour later.

This makes the story 800 times better. Hahaha

cm punk super bowl promo
- The first Friday Night SmackDown after the NFL Super Bowl is on February 9th at the new Orleans Arena in new Orleans, Louisiana. WWE is already working on a major promo that night for CM Punk regarding the game, especially if the new Orleans Saints lose to the Indianapolis Colts.


New Sun UK Article - In Punk We Trust
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Reminder to join serenadeeb
Since Smackdown's aired I thought I'd post this again.



Really detailed Smackdown Spoilers.
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Smackdown Spoilers

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Firstly - I have given the community a new look as well as a new user info.

Secondly - We have a new mod. f0rgetmen0t . Respect her or fear her wrath!
We also have sleeepwalkerr  and zizm0re who have always been mods but got a name change.

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If this place continues being a marky hole I will have no hesitations in having a locked community with moderated membership. A lot of good members have left because of it and I don't want that to continue.

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This community is undergoing a major overhaul over the next few days.

- New Layout
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I want to make this place back to the way it was when I first made it. Not the marky hole it's turned into.


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